The ‘forward’ march: Devoted MFP supporters unite in Phuket to back Pita Limjaroenrat’s PM bid

About 30 Move Forward Party (MFP) supporters yesterday gathered on the iconic Mingmongkol Statue in Queen Sirikit Park to offer their unwavering help for MFP chief Pita Limjaroenrat and the prime ministerial candidate.
The event transpired following Pita’s unlucky denial of the coveted prime ministerial position in a combined voting session involving each the House of Representatives and Senate. Despite initially receiving 324 supporting votes, as opposed to 182 disapprovals and 199 abstentions in the first spherical, Pita fell short of the required margin by 51 votes.
Donning orange garments synonymous with the MFP, supporters openly displayed their dissatisfaction with the Senate’s alleged unfair practices during the gathering. Small placards have been sporadically held, criticizing the Senate’s perceived unscrupulous actions and reproaching their choice to deny Pita the place.
The peaceable meeting garnered consideration in Bangkok, resulting in bigger congregations of a similar nature. While no incidents were reported, the police maintained a vigilant presence all through the gathering, which in the end dispersed with none issues, reported Phuket News.
The MFP showcased their energy in Phuket, securing all three Member of Parliament seats in the May 14 General Election with substantial profitable margins, solidifying their political achievements.
Nantawat Saeng-ngoen, deputy assistant to Chalermpong Saengdee, the elected consultant for Phuket District 2 constituency, urged the public to remain hopeful and preserve their peaceful disposition.
In a bid to reassure the dismissed MFP and Pita voters, Nantawat said…
“Those who haven’t solid their ballots as but, if you choose not to vote at present, it doesn’t counsel that you just won’t lengthen your assist our means subsequent time round. Safety rests on how adeptly our get together can negotiate and communicate.”
Meanwhile, anticipations are budding for a subsequent polling session. The House and the Senate are poised to convene for a retry on July 19, in a bid to elect a main minister entrusted with the stewardship of the following authorities.
Nantawat added…

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