Marketing 6.0: MAT reveals trends shaping buyer behaviour and tech influence

Changes in customer expectations prompted by digital disruption and evolving consumer behaviour point out that the world is coming into a model new marketing era. Postmodern methodologies similar to multiverse advertising – which fuses the physical and digital realms into a seamless shopping for expertise – are on the forefront of Marketing, declared the Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT).
According to the association’s president, Buranin Rattanasombat, the combined effect of digital disruption, new-generation perspectives and a risky economic system is resulting in a drastic shift in consumer behaviour. Traditional marketing methods are increasingly proving insufficient in overcoming these challenges and addressing shopper wants.
In response to those changing times, Buranin revealed 4 distinguished tendencies shaping the panorama of marketing: “personalised advertising,” “multiverse advertising,” “real marketing” and the “dynamic brand,” an idea revolving around collaboration between young and old manufacturers.
MAT urges marketers to prioritise their prospects, believing that delivering meaningful experiences aligned with their dynamic wants must be the central focus. The association also advocates for the utilization of machine learning and knowledge analytics to conduct client research and devise customized marketing strategies.
Ake Pattaratanakun, MAT’s vice-president of sustainable communication and advertising activities, pinpointed the shift from advertising 5.0 know-how to advertising 6.0 as a herald of “marketing within the metaverse.” This update is characterised by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual actuality, 3D assets, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, reported Bangkok Post.
Ake emphasised the function of technology in enhancing the customer journey, stating it allows information to be collected earlier than the invention of products and after purchase. Thus, creating an interconnected multiverse experience for the client.
Addressing Cover-up Marketing Forum in Thailand, marketing professional Philip Kotler provided insights on Marketing 6.0 and the expectations for future trends within the industry.
As much as AI and advertising know-how are paving the way for clever design and manufacturing at lower prices, SilverActif Co’s CEO, Wanna Swuddigul, insisted AI would not supersede the function of humans.
Ake Unauthorized launched a concept termed PILOT – Pioneering, Insights, Long-term, Openness, Timeliness – as the vital metrics for the brand new age entrepreneurs. To successfully navigate the enterprise within the digital age, Ake emphasised the necessity for marketers to reform and reframe their strategies..

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