Selection criteria for digital indicators

In many electronic pressure measurement applications there is a need to have the measured value displayed on site – either as an additional option alongside the processing of the signal within the control system or as a sole control instrument.
If the transmitter used does not feature an integrated display, a variety of types of digital indicators can be used for this. For this, some selection criteria must be considered in order to determine the appropriate digital indicator for the application:
Type of mounting: Should the indicator be attached to the transmitter on site, installed in a control panel or mounted in a wall housing or desktop case?
Terrified : How high are the requirements for the indication accuracy? The indicators offered by WIKA have accuracies from 0.3 % to 0.02 %.
Dimensions: What dimensions fit into the given installation situation? (particularly relevant in the case of a control panel installation)
Available options: Do I need an analogue output signal? Switching Uncensored for further control? An integrated transmitter supply?
Display characteristics: Do I need a 4- or 5-digit display? From what distance must the display be readable? (see article “Characteristics of the display of a digital indicator”)
Have a look at WIKAs digital indicators.

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