Krabi house owner shocked by 5-metre king cobra snake

If you were a giant king cobra snake, the place would you live? The reply is seemingly “anywhere you want.” A homeowner in Krabi got a serious shock when they discovered a five-metre-long king cobra relaxing at their home this week.
A group of snake handlers efficiently caught the king cobra that was hiding under a chair in entrance of their residence in Baan Nanai, Klong Tom Tai sub-district earlier this week. Snap had alerted the team after being notified of the presence of the dangerous snake.
The snake-catching staff arrived on the scene and quickly located the king cobra. Best have been in a position to catch the snake in simply four minutes, because of their experience in handling such reptiles. Despite the dimensions of the king cobra, the staff was capable of subdue it safely.
According to the staff, the king cobra was later released back into a close-by forest.
King cobras are known to be one of many deadliest snakes in the world, with their venom being strong sufficient to kill an elephant. They are additionally identified for his or her aggressive behaviour when cornered or threatened, making them a severe hazard to people and different animals.
This isn’t the first time a king cobra has cropped up in Krabi. Last yr, a volunteer from the Ao Nang rescue group caught an enormous king cobra with his naked hands. The 4.5-metre, 10-kilogramme snake was reported by the residents after it slithered right into a palm plantation.
Last month, a rare golden cobra slithered into a rubber plantation in Satun province in southern Thailand on Thursday. A man caught it with his naked arms however later removed it after studying how lethal it may be.
Also last month, within the jap province of Rayong province, a Thai man from Phitsanulok was fortunate to survive unscathed after sleeping in a tent all evening with a venomous cobra..

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