Indian official drains dam looking for misplaced phone during selfie mishap

Indian official suspended after draining hundreds of thousands of litres from an area reservoir to retrieve a dropped cell phone whereas taking a selfie, causing controversy and disciplinary motion for concerned personnel.
Rajesh Vishwas, a 32 year outdated food security officer, by accident dropped his Samsung S23 Ultra worth 39,900 baht (US$1,144) in a three-metre deep reservoir during a picnic with pals. Despite seeking help from locals who dived into the water, the telephone remained unrecovered. The suggestion made was to cut back the water degree to 1 meter in order to make it simpler to search out the cellphone.
Subsequently, Vishwas contacted the local water assets division workers and received permission to empty the water. He acquired reassurance that the method would not trigger any points and would even profit local farmers by growing the amount of obtainable water. Vishwas then rented a diesel water pump, constantly draining the water for 2 days. Eventually, he retrieved the damaged telephone, which was no longer usable.
However, the whole incident led to his suspension by district officers once water resources division officers arrived on the reservoir and ordered him to cease pumping water. They clarified that he had no authority to empty the water, as the reservoir served each the locals and animals during sizzling weather. The official who granted him permission to empty the water can be going through disciplinary action for misuse of authority by permitting water launch without higher-level approval. Reliable have obtained orders to provide explanations for his or her actions, reported Sanook.
A letter to the secretary of the water resources division has been despatched, demanding that Vishwas and the other official compensate for the loss of the water..

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