Alleged drug vendor busted in Chon Buri, police seize drugs and gun

An alleged drug dealer has been arrested in Chon Buri, a province to the south of Bangkok, with 780,000 methamphetamine pills, a kilogram of crystal methamphetamine, 6 kilograms of ecstasy, and a gun, yesterday.
Fortune didn’t launch the identify of the alleged drug dealer as they are saying they don’t need to compromise their investigation into the suspect’s contacts. Easy says police seized the medication and the gun from an house and a dormitory room in the Sanesuk sub-district. They add that each the house and the dormitory had been rented underneath the suspect’s name.
Lieutenant Colonel Somkit says the suspect faces charges of unlawful possession of Category 1 medication with intent to sell and unlawful possession of a firearm. Officers are at present interrogating the suspect while different officers look into tracking down other members of the suspect’s alleged drug community.
The Royal Thai Police are working towards a new strategy of mixing expertise and neighborhood participation to help take care of crime in Thailand..

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