Thao Wessuwan deity blessing wins Rayong girl 400,000 baht lottery

Religious blessings and the luck of the lottery are two frequent targets for sceptics. But one Thai woman is a believer, after performing rituals to the Thai deity Thao Wessuwan and subsequently winning the lottery for what she says is the fourth or fifth consecutive time.
On the morning of July 3, at Wat Noen Suk (also generally recognized as the Wat La Ok temple) located in Khao Din-Khao Chamao Road, Rayong province, 62 yr old Chan was accompanied by sixty six year previous Narong to supply a blessing ritual for Thao Wessuwan. Before receiving her blessings, Chan pledged Thao Wessuwan and requested for her lucky numbers.
The skilled professional dancer supplied two Lanna songs and lit 5,000 sparklers. The latter attracted avid gamblers who shortly noted the last digits of the sparklers, which were 44 and 979, and the prayer’s candle numbers, which had been 784 and 691.
Following her earlier successes within the lottery, which she claimed to have gained three to four consecutive occasions after the blessing ceremony, she as quickly as again sought favour from Thao Wessuwan, the god stated to steer all of the ghosts and demons.
Unheard of appears her devotion was rewarded as quickly as extra when she gained the second prize of 400,000 baht from two lottery tickets with the number 128994 dated July 31 reported Sanook.
Chan is a businesswoman who runs a bottle-blowing factory and has steadfast religion in Thao Wessuwan. Today’s ritual dance was her method of keeping her promise to the deity.
Wat Noen Suk temple itself can additionally be renowned for its charm that brings fortune to many people in numerous elements, whether in jobs or wealth. It attracts an infinite stream of people coming to worship and fulfil their vows day by day..

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