Thai man’s chilling TikTok coffin stunt sends shivers down online community’s spine

In an eye-opening submit on TikTok, a man is mendacity peacefully in a transparent chilled coffin, seen from each the inside and out of doors. Two days ago, this uncommon demonstration managed to ship each a chill and a shock all through the net community.

The clip shows a fit and wholesome man, appearing in a serene slumber. He lies with his arms folded beneath his chest, nestled comfortably amid pillows and blankets. However, the typicality ends there as the person is residing inside a refrigerated, clear coffin. Notably, the second he flicked his eyes open spooked a number of watching netizens, reported Sanook.
Comments flooded in, such as…
“Spooky eye flicker.”
“Would one die if it gets too cold?’”
“It’s Fail-proof for me.”
“Why not let the individuals who sleep do the sleeping and the individuals who work, work?”
“If you don’t suppose too much about it, the cooled coffin is only a nice fridge to quickly preserve a body.”
“Don’t suddenly get up and startle me.”
“Why can a useless person’s eyeballs move?”
“Perfect for the personal summer time warmth.”
“So, corpses can blink.”
“Want the world to recollect your review?”
“How a lot for this cool box?”
The latter query specifically drew attention to the hefty value of the peculiar coffin, which is about at 45,000 baht (US$ 1,279).
Following the submit, Thai media contacted the owner of “Wichian Buri Cool Coffin,” Chayutpong Boonpao.
He revealed he is a manufacturer of several numerous coffins, positioned in Wichian Buri, Phetchabun.
The chilling coffin proven in the clip was freshly constructed, with its inhabitant being a employee from their retailer..

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